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Back and Forth

Still working on this project I would like to create finish creating 8 characters. The theme being Medieval: Back and Forth. In a nutshell, the idea was not only to imagine the middle ages, but to see it as a destination for modern travellers. A place where old meets the new. A collab with our ancestors. How would fashion, customs, architecture and transport look if we could visit our ancestors or they could visit us?

Steampunk: Band of thieves

The project below was one of my favourites. I creatively explored some ideas trying to create a trio of characters in a team, but each with their own distinct colour palette. A villainous band of thieves.

Triads T'pau Chi

Triads are a formidable team of samurai assassins, masters of their trade they empower those who need help and fight for the future of their lands and nation, taking the power forcefully from their enemy leaders and defeating numerous members of their armies in doing so.

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I love getting the chance to focus on a background and tell more of the story using picture and illustration tools to convey my ideas. Here are a couple of completed projects, however I do want to cultivate and grow this skill to empower my characters in a scene, or keyframe design.

© 2023 images by Benjamin Fay, Concept Character Design.

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