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Concept Designer

Being brought up watching lots of films, animated films became a genre I took a liking for at a young age. Later on once I had my first gaming console, gaming too became a thrill. Even though I had not yet realised that it would be the beginning of a journey into the animation world, that I am keen to break into. Animated film and gaming is an ever growing industry with new exciting platforms and practices being used to create new ideas. This being an exciting and fairly new industry, that’s ever evolving, has always wanted me to lead into it ever since I went for an open day at Bournemouth University. I begun by undertaking an Art and Design diploma in college. It was fulfilling and catered for my traditional drawing skills, and after that, once I discovered animation and specifically a career of drawing concept art, I bought my first Wacom Cintiq to begin digital painting. That I remember being the beginning of this incredible journey I’ve had with my digital art which is still yearning for more practice, criticism, feedback and did I mention more practice. I really want to evolve a style in my paintings and even more so find a career in concept art within a studio. Right now these are my aspirations and inspirations.


I have achieved over the last few years my undergraduate degree in Animation where I achieved an Award 3rd Hons. Although I am proud of it, I do see now how I could have achieved far greater given putting in more time and practice in my work. I do still want to achieve my aspirations and hold strongly that I have the discipline and will to do so. I meet challenges head on and relay openly to others my opinions and still keep an open mind to listen and nurture my growth towards my learning.



BA Hons 3rd in Animation and Visual Effects at Falmouth University

Pass in Art and Design Diploma Btech at Strode College.


Paradise  Media      Graphic Designer    Feb 2022 - May 2023



phone:     +447588919981

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